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Personal Injury Lawyer & Complex Litigation

At the Offices of León Law, we are skilled in defending many different types of cases that necessitate defending your rights when it comes to a personal injury. Jose León established his law office in the fall of 2011 and since then, he has enjoyed owning his own business while being able to help pursue justice for the residents of the Valley in regards to their personal injuries that require complex litigation. Before establishing his own office, he practiced law in this community for many years, first at a small law firm and then later at a larger firm that was focused on personal injury law. While working in those law firms and now on his own, he has gained valuable experiences that have helped him become a great resource for those who find themselves in need of a Phoenix personal injury lawyer.

The Offices of León Law are dedicated to providing you with the help that you need from experienced personal injury lawyers who are familiar with complex litigation. When you consult with our office, we will ensure that you have the information that you need to understand your rights in regards to events of personal injury, such as car and motorcycle accidents as well as other circumstances. When you are in need of a personal injury attorney, you can rely on the Offices of León Law to provide you with helpful and reliable legal counsel.

The Phoenix personal injury lawyers at our office are committed to pursuing justice for our clients who have suffered through the event of a personal injury. It is with great pride that we serve the residents of the Valley. Regardless of the type of accident in which you were involved, we would be happy to schedule a consultation with you to discuss your individual situation and your rights. It is the goal of each Phoenix personal injury lawyer at our office to help you obtain the compensation that you deserve in regards to the injuries that you have received. Call (480) 269-1083 or email to learn more about how our personal injury lawyers can help you with your tort litigation and personal injury rights.

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